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I’m in a country of refuge

lovely lawns

always a warm embrace here

not that I know anyone

but the days are sunny

everyone has projects

there’s plenty of space

some cross-pollination

my neighbor hybridizes day lilies

only on tv do we see

bloody classrooms

parents holding photographs

in the wildlife refuge below

I’ve heard cars honking

guns firing

you can shoot deer

foxes coyotes ducks

but only in season

filing past us in the marsh

a family dressed in camouflage

the dad with a rifle over his shoulder

and then another family passed

their little boy’s hat

shaped like a fox’s head


Cammy Thomas has four poetry collections published by Four Way Books, including Inscriptions, Cathedral of Wish (Norma Farber First Book Award from the Poetry Society of America), and Tremors. Her poems have appeared in numerous journals, and in the anthologies Poems in the Aftermath (2017), and Echoes From Walden (2021). Two poems titled “Far Past War” are the text for a choral work by her sister, composer Augusta Read Thomas, which premiered at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC in 2022. She lives in the Boston area.


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