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Adam Berlin

Adam Berlin is the author of four novels, including Belmondo Style (St. Martin’s Press/winner of The Publishing Triangle’s Ferro-Grumley Award) and Both Members of the Club (Texas A&M University Consortium Press/winner of the Clay Reynolds Novella Prize), and a collection of boxing poems The Standing Eight. He teaches writing at John Jay College/CUNY in NYC.

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Jeffrey Heiman

Jeffrey Heiman's fiction and essays have appeared in the journals Inkwell,

The Massachusetts Review, Best American Essays, and other publications.

At present, he's at work on a novel about a man struggling to preserve a small business in the changing late 1960s and early 1970s in New York City. He teaches core literature and creative writing courses at John Jay College/CUNY in NYC.



Dalyz Aguilar

Dalyz Aguilar is a writer and graphic designer. Her work as both has been featured in various issues of John Jay College’s Finest and The Quill, for which she also served as Managing Editor in 2018. Starting as an Editorial Assistant during her sophomore year, she has worked for J Journal since 2016. She currently works as a clerk in Westchester. 

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