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New Rochelle

wheresoever that road bends by that farm

we go not that way

our mothers say wheresoever he may walk

turn him to hell and head home

we point at him laughing neither jesus nor

god in heaven set a place for you

a prize goes to the boy pitching the nearest

stone we children conspire a ring to throw

tom paine we chant tom paine new york in

summer is the coolest place youll ever know

look toward us you monster and our fathers

will thrash you once more


J. E. Robinson is the author of the young adult novel Skip Macalester, of The Day Rider and Other Stories: A Collection, and of How Hair Changes before Expiration: Poems. His plays have appeared in Alaska, in Louisville, Kentucky, in Saint Louis, Missouri, and in New York City off-off-Broadway, most recently with SOLEDAD featured at Theater for the New City. He teaches history at the University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in Saint Louis.


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