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First Day of School at CMI

I submit poems to seven places

say hi to Anna who found a place near Brandon

see the broken pieces of turtle shell my husband found

eat a peanut butter sandwich

and in the taxi enroute to RRE

talk to PK who is subletting a place there

(because his plans for a place past 17 Mile Beach

didn’t pan out for him)

about “Feasting with my Friend Juliet”

which he likes so maybe we can talk about poetry

some day. I get an $8 haircut from a Filipina

get groceries from the RRE Store

and take the taxi back to Long Island

while listening to Rasta music.


Paula Yup has published numerous poems, including several J Journal. Her book of poetry is entitled Making a Clean Space in the Sky (Evening Street Press). “First Day of School at CMI” was written when Paula and her husband, a teacher and oceanographer, lived in the Marshall Islands.


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