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Victor's Night Court

He parked his car across the busy street 

It only took a few minutes to cross Grand Ave 

The sun had set on the cold snowy night 

The court session had gone on for hours 

Judge Victor slammed down his gavel, calling for a break 

He crossed the hall entering his chambers 

The Bailiff came as did the Attorneys 

The solid oak door remained closed as they talked 

They talked about the old drunk dressed as Santa Claus 

One mentioned the details of the girls putting a car in a pool 

Two mentioned the monkeys that got loose in the cafeteria 

They went on talking about the man wearing a cloth diaper 

One mentioned the lady dressed as the Easter Bunny stealing pot 

Two mentioned the man who got away from the Bailiff 

They mentioned how Victor used a squirt gun at a man who lied 

One mentioned the crazy repair man on a ladder using a hammer 

Victor made some jokes and they all laughed 

The Attorneys and the Bailiff returned to the courtroom 

Victor put on his black robe and slowly headed to court 

As he stepped into the courtroom he blew up a red balloon 

In his chair he put on a blue clown nose 

Everyone laughed at him as he released the balloon 

The court went into session and on into the night 

With every case he listened to every word 

When the last case was over he made a balloon dog 

He set the dog down by his gavel 

Tossed his clown nose at the Bailiff 

As he walked out of the courtroom the fun was over 

He knew regardless of the case justice was served that night


James Schmidt is an inmate at Waupun Correctional Institution in Waupun, Wisconsin. He writes poetry and stories.


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