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Two Poems

Passing The Accident

a car rear ended another

in Missoula

so we’re glad to leave

me with bloodshot eyes

the car with a new tire

and my husband says Casper next

The Bus Driver

misdirects me to People’s Park

where I see a lavender lilac bush

a mother with four children

and a man whose four mile walk

gets disrupted by a broken sewer line

the man drops me off at the MAC

where ArtFest is live

after a two year break

due to the pandemic

say hi to L.R. and Carole Montgomery

get a painting of a lilac bush

in People’s Park


then I tour the Dreamworks Animation

and tour the first floor

of the Campbell House

unlike the two previous times

I can no longer handle the stairs

before returning home by bus

a mini adventure in my smaller life

since my husband’s passing


Paula Yup, a native of Phoenix, Arizona, has lived in the US, Japan, Canada and the Republic of the Marshall Islands. She currently resides in Spokane, Washington. She has poems published in Exit 13, Trajectory, Evening Street Review, J Journal  and other magazines.  Paula’s husband Dean Jacobson taught Marine Biology in the Republic of the Marshall Islands for a dozen years before returning to Spokane, Washington. Dean passed away in 2018 after an illness.


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