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Good Friday

And it does appear to be that—

the sun in abundance dashing

through and around the high-rises.

The park beginning to fill up

with people and dogs, a few wayward

geese. Even the statue of a politician

takes on a sweet shine. There’s a bearded

man in a white robe, riding a donkey.

Alright, maybe I didn’t see that—

but in poetry anything goes or should,

good holding its own despite everything.


Tim Suermondt’s sixth full-length book of poems A Doughnut And The Great Beauty Of The World is published by MadHat Press (2021). His work has appeared in Poetry, Ploughshares, Poetry East, Prairie Schooner, The Georgia Review, Bellevue Literary Review, Stand Magazine, december magazine, On the Seawall, Poet Lore, Plume, and previously in J Journal, among many others. He lives in Cambridge (MA) with his wife, the poet Pui Ying Wong.


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