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Collective Conscience (on Counting Portraits in City Hall)

hunger // hung as excess // twenty-one frames // all men // all white // but one //

black man // still // starving // positioned behind a desk // hands overlapping on

the table // in front of him // the entire time // a camera // the flashing of light //

sweat // then dark // pouring out // positioned like he is parodying power // when

he is power // still // his hands on the table // hands where we can see them


Alicia Turner holds an MA in English and is a grant writer & storyteller. She can be found writing confessional, conversational poetry in an over-priced apartment somewhere in WV. Her work is featured or forthcoming in Four Lines (4lines), CTD’s ‘Pen-2-Paper’ project, Voicemail Poems, FreezeRay Poetry, Drunk Monkeys, Luna Luna, Defunkt Magazine, époque press, Space City Underground Magazine, The Daily Drunk, Sybil Journal, ExPat Press, Rejection Letters Press, Screen Door Review, among others.


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